Compared to other technologies, the 3nine process requires minimal maintenance.
The separation of liquids from gaseous media was developed over 100 years ago. During the last 10 years, 3nine has obtained a large portion of the world’s patents on this technology, which is now over one hundred patents on disc separation.
More information: https://www.3nine.de/

This dry-acting technology is based on environmentally neutral liquid carbon dioxide, the “quattroClean” process. The manufacturing solution is inline. The company acp systems AG with locations in Ditzingen and Zimmern ob Rottweil has been supplying its worldwide customers for 25 years. acp systems AG is also a system integrator for CO2 snow jet cleaning as well as innovative connection, assembly, and automation technology.

More information: www.acp-systems.com

The constant technological updating and continuous improvement of the Company system allow to guarantee to the customers flexibility, quality, precision and reliability.

More information: www.algra.it

The non-contact measuring systems are used in all branches of precision manufacturing. Bruker Alicona’s core competence is the measurement of dimension, position, shape and roughness in the fields of production metrology and manufacturing automation, prototype development as well as classical quality assurance.
More information: www.alicona.com

This leads to a stable machining process, consistent machining quality of the workpieces, maximization of machine running times and reduction of maintenance and service costs.
More information: http://www.comatfilters.com/

DR. KAISER DIAMOND TOOLS – Your system provider!
DR. KAISER DIAMOND TOOLS offer you individual complete solutions around the grinding process:
– CBN and diamond grinding wheels in various bond systems.
– Standing or rotating dressing tools for all applications
– Dressing spindle systems with optional integration into the machine control system
– Wear protection components in PCD or CVD diamond technology

Every day we face new challenges with our usual precision, quality and expertise. We work hand in hand with you and offer the tailor-made complete system for your application! And you can always rely on us. Whether global support during commissioning or training and service in production: Our application technology provides you with expert support, even for demanding tasks!

More information: www.drkaiser.de

Effgen Schleiftechnik is your partner for high hardness grinding, polishing and dressing tools made of diamond and cubic boron nitride. Your partner for conventional grinding tools made of aluminum oxide and silicon carbide is Lapport Schleiftechnik. The comprehensive product range and the service concept make us a system provider that is unique in this form on the market. A joint network of sales and application technology uses synergy effects that benefit our customers, the systematic advice from a single source.

More information: www.effgen.com


And these systems owe this to the C. “Concept” means that we are constantly thinking about how we can improve the workflow of your machines a little more, how we can minimize downtimes even further. Our goal is productivity…
… and thus increasing your competitiveness.

Innovation as tradition: https://www.erowa.com/de

In addition to a wide variety of tool holders and grinding wheel holders, the product range also includes machines for balancing, presetting and measuring grinding wheel packages or tools.
More information: https://www.haimer.de/


One core competence is precision grinding tasks to produce the highest functional surface qualities, especially for turbine, engine, machine and gearbox components. A tailor-made solution for every process and every workpiece.
More information: https://www.hermes-schleifwerkzeuge.com/

The Ihle Group offers over 35 years of experience in the production of ground carbide rods, sales and finishing of carbides, design and manufacture of cut-off machines, service in CNC cylindrical grinding, surface grinding, centerless grinding, cutting, chamfering and EDM. Ihle also operates its own materials laboratory for metallurgical testing.

The product portfolio of the Ihle Group represents the cornerstone for the production of carbide tools and is therefore an important mosaic piece in the process chain. After all, without a high-quality blank, the tool grinder cannot grind a perfect tool.

More information: www.ihle.com

The company specializes in the development and manufacture of high-precision rotating and fixed centers, face drivers and quills.

More information: www.karlbruckner.de

KEYENCE specializes in providing solutions with added value that support you in your daily work, ensuring your competitiveness in the global market.

We invest significantly in developing innovative and reliable products to meet the needs of our customers in a wide range of manufacturing and R&D industries.

More information: www.keyence.de

Krebs-Riedel Logo

The team of the development department is the innovation engine of Krebs & Riedel. New grinding wheel specifications are developed and production processes optimized in the laboratory and technical center.

More information: https://www.krebs-riedel.de/


With our many years of experience and competence in filter plant construction, we contribute to the development of rationalization processes.
More information: http://lehmann-umt.de/

With LTA Lufttechnik at your side, there is hardly a filtration task that you cannot solve. Because as a technology leader, we master the subject holistically. We research, develop and produce - with over 40 years of experience and a deep understanding of customer requirements. This is how we create technological milestones for companies and corporations all over the world.

Turn our knowledge advantage into your sustainable advantage! We accompany you throughout the entire product life cycle, from consulting and planning to installation and commissioning to professional service. As a globally active full-range supplier, we manufacture solutions for compact filtration systems and plan and install filtration systems for large extraction systems. All this for oil and emulsion mist as well as dust and chip extraction for particles between 0.001 and 100 μm. Thanks to our expertise in piping systems, flow simulations, safety engineering and turnkey solutions, we generate a wide range of added value for customers throughout the entire life cycle of a plant.

More information: http://www.LTA-Filter.com

Mitsubishi Logo

This process offers significant advantages in the grinding process, such as higher stock removal rates, longer grinding wheel life and significantly improved shape retention, and can also be fully automated.

More than 50 years ago, Mitsubishi Electric presented the first electroerosive processing machine (EDM). This decades-long know-how, combined with intensive research work, continues to be a decisive building block for the development of new EDM systems today. Continuous quality control in production is just as important at Mitsubishi Electric. Innovations in all areas of EDM systems characterize product development. Examples mentioned: Current developments in the field of artificial intelligence are strategically designed and are also finding their way into Mitsubishi Electric's EDM systems under the Maisart brand name....
More information: https://www.mitsubishielectric-edm.de/drahterodieren-schaerft-profil/

Logo Oberlin

Due to the fully automatic mode of operation, the discharge of a dried filter cake and the possible high filtration pressures, the application range of Oberlin filters is very wide.
More information: https://www.oberlin-filter.de/ueber-uns/

Particularly when using lasers, there is considerable potential for danger when using systems that are unsuitable and do not conform to standards. In this area, the systems from ÖSTLING are far ahead due to the standard provision of all currently required safety interfaces and features.

More information: www.ostling.com

Their passionate team doesn’t apply the standard, they think outside the box to be constantly successful in meaningful solutions. The smart industry (Industry 4.0) is getting stronger and stronger.
Increased by exceeding production pressure, higher demand in quality or a labour shortage, automation will simplify processes, lower costs and enable the available workforce to be more efficient.
As a unique and complete one-stop partner in automation, Romias optimizes 24/7 production in the industry. Through smart logistics / mobile robots (AMR), robotizing and intuitive software integrations.

For more information: https://www.romias.com/

The product catalog comprises more than 47,000 items, the online store 200,000 products, and the medium-sized company is also present on the well-known digital marketplaces. In addition to high-performance partner brands, the manufacturing solutions include the company's own brands ATORN and SARA. The company has 33 European sales partners in 36 countries and 170 employees.

More information: www.sartorius-werkzeuge.de

Logo Schunk

They benefit from a comprehensive range of components, applications and services. SCHUNK's profound know-how, which has grown over decades, is the basis for growth in many areas.

More information: www.schunk.com

Our know-how in Siemens' core markets as well as in related industries makes us a competent financing partner for innovative technologies and sustainable infrastructure.

More information: https://new.siemens.com/de/de/unternehmen/konzern/unternehmensstruktur/financial-services.html

By combining mechanics, electronics and software, SMW-AUTOBLOK, based in Meckenbeuren, Germany, has transformed itself from a conventional workholding manufacturer to a high-tech process provider, offering worldwide sales and service support in over seventy countries on all continents.

More information https://www.smw-autoblok.de/


From simple adaptation parts to highly complex and precise special clamping devices - SwissChuck's development and design specialists provide expert advice and create customized components.
More information: https://www.swisschuck.com/

Tyrolit Logo

Tyrolit offers customized grinding solutions for a wide range of applications as well as a comprehensive range of standard tools for customers all over the world. With roots in the heart of the Austrian Alps, Tyrolit combines the strengths of family values with a global vision and over a century of individual corporate and technological experience.


Hereby the production process of high-quality cutting tools can be monitored at any time by a neutral measuring device, logged and documented.

More information: https://www.walter-machines.com

Almost all tool types are covered, such as indexable and form cutting inserts, milling and forming tools, step tools, reamers, grinding tools and highly complex gear cutting tools. In the meantime, many multisensor tool measuring systems have been installed worldwide. These are used in particular by companies that want to measure very small details and complex geometries, or require accuracy that is otherwise unavailable. In 2023, Tool MT is now celebrating its 20th anniversary.

More information: www.tool-measurement.com