Main topic: Automation

Plan A leads to:

  • Reduction of labor costs and extension of production times.
  • Maximum productivity, as non-productive time is used wisely.
  • Significant reduction in delivery times due to 100% control of parts.
  • Future capability for interface management.

Plan A is based on extensive experience in automation, conceptual strength and know-how in OPC-UA communication.

Turnkey grinding was yesterday.

Together with our partners, we let you experience how we ensure maximum sovereignty and transparency in the production process.

Our partners in the field of automation:


Multigrind® Multimation | Individual multitool.

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Multigrind® CA | Grinding the worm shaft.

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HSK50 | 18.000 1/min | 12kW
SK50  |  1.000 1/min
Worm shaft: 
350 mm | Ø45 mm
Cycle time:
30 min
50 h
Tool magazine:
9 positions
Measuring gauge for in-process measurement

Uncompromising | Grind worm shaft.

  • Profile and cylindrical grinding in one clamping.
  • Stable machine concept. Maximum precision.
  • Optional: Automation solution for batch size 1.
  • Integrated X3 table axis for automatic loading.
  • Hydraulic steady rest solution for sensitive components.

Multigrind® CB XL 1400 | Grinding the pump spindle.

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HSK80 | 12.000 1/min | 30 kW
HSK80 |    600 1/min
Pump spindle: 
400 mm | Ø100 mm
Cycle time:
48 min
25 h
Tool magazine:
7 positions

Uncompromising | Grinding the pump spindle.

  • Profile and cylindrical grinding machining in one setup.
  • Retractable jaw chuck enables automated complete machining.
  • Simple part handling by means of transport carts.
  • Ergonomics gain: High workpiece weights up to 50 kg.
  • Steady rests: Optimal support.
  • Optional: Automation with loading door on the side.