Review | GrindDate 2023

The competence epicenter of high-tech grinding.

Is it possible to have an intensive exchange about the priority future topics of our industry in one day? To sharpen the view for smart complete solutions? To grasp both the superiority of a high-tech grinding machine, but without losing sight of the orchestrated interaction of the individual components and the software? This realization was the birth of GrindDate 2015. 2023 GrindDate has developed into a unique competence event. A gathering of the industry elite and a demonstration of what is possible today and will be indispensable tomorrow.

Five key topics for the future meet five competence clusters.

These 5 key topics were highlighted, discussed and evaluated together with the visitors and our partners.

Competence cluster: Closed Loop

Together with our partners from the field of metrology, we have shown how manufacturing quality can be easily increased in the closed loop.

Plan A results in:

  • Greater autonomy in unmanned production.
  • Significantly reduced scrap rates.
  • Higher process capability over the entire order backlog.
  • Achievement of lowest tolerances.

Plan A is based on development strength, flexibility and comprehensive interface competence.

Grinding. Measuring. Compensating. Grinding.

Competence cluster: Tool grinding

Together with our partners, we showed how we turn tool grinding on its head.

Plan A results in:

  • Maximum efficiency in production with the simplest operation at the same time.
  • Short amortization period due to sophisticated technology.
  • Short programming times due to parameterization in the standard.
  • Comprehensive process transparency thanks to our own software solutions.

Plan A is based on living digitalization, a passion for precision and a reduction to the essentials.

All-In-One. Intuitive operation. Maximum performance.

Competence cluster: Complete machining

Together with our partners, we demonstrated to our visitors what we mean by complete machining. No reclamping. No unnecessary downtimes. No reworking.

Plan A results in:

  • Productivity gain due to reduced throughput times.
  • Space savings due to smaller machinery, as single-purpose machines can be dispensed with.
  • Greater planning flexibility due to optimized machine utilization.
  • Greater precision due to production in a single setup.
  • Increased flexibility through one-piece flow instead of batch production.

In addition to comprehensive process know-how, Plan A is based on expertise in the areas of software development, tool change systems, and clamping and dressing technology.

Reclamping costs precision and time.

Competence cluster: Automation

Together with our partners, we let our visitors experience maximum sovereignty and transparency in the production process.

Plan A results in:

  • Reduction of personnel costs and extension of production times.
  • Maximum productivity, as non-productive time is used wisely.
  • Significant reduction in delivery times due to 100% control of parts.
  • Future viability for interface management.

Plan A is based on extensive experience in automation, conceptual strength and know-how in OPC-UA communication.

Turnkey grinding was yesterday’s news.

Competence cluster: Productivity increase

Plan A is based on a comprehensive know-how of experts with the latest knowledge of process technology and grinding software. Plan A leads to:

  • Reduction of cycle time through holistic consideration of existing processes.
  • Cost savings through optimization of existing processes. 
The focus here is on cycle time, tool life and energy efficiency.
  • Flexible use of existing machines through modular retrofitting, updating of software and clamping situation.
  • Autonomous processes through retrofitting of automation or retrofitting of additional tasks during automation downtimes.
  • Trained personnel with a holistic view of your Multigrind® grinding center.

Updates for hardware and software.

  • Productivity factor: Retrofit
  • Productivity factor: OPC-UA
  • Productivity factor: Siemens IPC

Thanks a lot to all!

Many thanks to our technology partners: The big picture is always the sum of its parts. And in each part, we have the elite at the starting line. Thanks also to all the energetic experts at Adelbert Haas. Yes, we are family. You are the progress we all get to shine with.

And of course especially to all those who found their way to Trossingen in 2023. The positive response from our visitors has convinced and motivated us. We are looking forward to 2024 – the exchange of ideas at eye level: from expert to expert.