Main topic: Productivity

Updates for hardware and software.

Plan A leads to:

  • Reduction of cycle time through holistic consideration of existing processes.
  • Cost savings through optimization of existing processes.
    The focus here is on cycle time, tool life and energy efficiency.
  • Flexible use of existing machines through modular retrofitting, update of software and clamping situation.
  • Autonomous processes by retrofitting an automation system or retrofitting additional tasks during automation offtimes.
  • Trained personnel with a holistic view of your Multigrind® grinding center.

Plan A is based on a comprehensive know-how of experts with the latest knowledge of process technology and grinding software.


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Multigrind® Radical | Multigrind® Customer Care

  • Short response time. Direct reporting of critical machine alarms to the ticket system.
  • Optimized analysis of error causes. Direct provision and processing of machine log files for the service expert.
  • Increase in service quality through optimal analysis capability of the machine during operation.
  • Active optimization suggestions before any shutdowns.

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Update for the hardware: Automation.

Productivity factor: Automation.

M-10iD/12 | LR Mate 200iD/7L
6 | 6
4 | 3
8 Paletten | 10 pallets
300 x 300 mm | 400 x 400 mm

Simply more productive with automation:

  • Maximum added value.
  • High automation and unmanned production.
  • Reduced setup times.
  • Optimized use of resources.

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Update for the hardware: OPC-UA interface.

Productivity factor: OPC-UA.

  • Live monitoring of Multigrind® machines through flexible connection to central data hubs or IoT platforms.
  • Integration of Multigrind® machines into MES systems, up to complete control of the grinding cell via the OPC-UA interface.
  • Modeling of machine data in industry standards Umati or MTconnect as well as in customer-specific data models.
  • Standardized and secure connectivity as the basis of your future-proof digitization solutions.

Plan A is based on extensive experience in OPC-UA interfaces, software development and digitization solutions.

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Update for the hardware: Siemens IPC.

Productivity factor: IPC.
Example: Groove processing.

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Styx it.

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The basis for the future.

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Multigrind® HT | Skiving wheel regrinding.


HSK50 | 8.000 1/min | 12kW
SK50 |   600 1/min
120mm | 330 mm
Tool magazine:
10 positions

Retrofit: State of the art technology.

  • Guides
  • Ball screws
  • Wiring
  • Cabling

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Uncompromising | Regrinding skiving wheel.

Retrofit at Adelbert Haas:

  • Absolute investment security.
  • Energy efficiency and sustainability through extended service life.
  • Immediate deliverability.
    General retrofit has already taken place.